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Portable Electric Sewing Machine

The portable bag closer is designed to closer bags made of paper, burlap, plasitc, cotton, PPwoven fabrics and other bag making materials now avaliable in the market. The machine used new type Handle and Oil Lubrication Pump, the function is much better and stronger of the handle.

Product Details

  • GK9-2 portable bag closer is a much light weight machine, mainly suitable for sewing grain bags, sugar bags, salt bags
  • Single thread locked chain stitch.
  • With good resistance to pressure, convenient body Handle grinding
  • High strength, good toughness, strong resistance to pressure
  • Simple handling thanks to mechanical glue stick feeder.
  • The pressing force of the sealing machine is adjustable. You can adjust the pressing force according to the material to be sealed, which can improve the work efficiency and prolong the service life of the parts
  • Simple handling thanks to mechanical glue stick feeder.
  • Application to Chemical industry, clothing, chemical, home textile, machinery, etc.
Packaging Type: Bags, Cartons
Driven Type: Electric
Dimension(L *W*H): 38.5x27.5x20
Voltage : 110V/220V
Weight: 4.8kg/3kg
Automatic Grade: Semi-Automatic
Power: 90W
Usage: Closer Bag
Stitch Lenth: 4.5-7mm
Feed Mechanism: Manual
Model Number : GK9-2
Max Sewing Speed: 900s.p.m
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